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Granny Smith Apples are the most ideal apple variety for making a Toffee Apple. Generally, Granny Smith Apples are characterised as having a light speckled green skin, though some may have a pink blush.

A Granny Smith Apple usually has a slightly sour yet sharper flavour than other apples. They are crisp, juicy and have a thick skin, which makes them an excellent choice for our Toffee Apples. The combination of the sweet toffee coating and the slightly sour taste of the Granny Smith apple create a flavour that is balanced and mouth-watering.

Our high quality control standards ensure only the very best Granny Smith apples are selected for each Toffee Apple we create. They must have the perfect shape, colour and texture. The freshness of each apple is sealed in with the application of our secret toffee coating to ensure the best quality Toffee Apple is delivered right to your door.

Who is Granny Smith?

Granny Smith Apples are found in the wild in New Zealand and were grown in Australia in 1868 from a chance seedling. This seedling was propagated by Maria Smith, where the name "Granny Smith" comes from.

'Granny Smith' was born Maria Ann Sherwood in Peasmarsh, Sussex, England, in late 1799. Her father worked as an agricultural labourer and Maria also went into farm service. At the age of 19, she married Thomas Smith, a farm labourer from the neighbouring parish of Beckley.

The Smiths lived in Beckley for the next 19 years and in 1838, they were recruited by government agents looking for people with agricultural and trade skills sorely needed in the colony of New South Wales. The Smith family arrived in Sydney in November 1838 aboard the Lady Nugent.