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Made from our own secret recipe, which hasn’t changed over the past 30 years, we can guarantee our toffee flavour, colour and experience will be consistent – Welcome to a taste that will not be forgotten.

The toffee colour is bright, shiny and vibrant making the whole experience of licking and biting a Toffee Apple something to savour. If it has been a while since you have treated yourself to a Toffee Apple or you have never eaten a Toffee Apple then you are missing out on one of the greatest taste sensations available.

The history of Toffee and Fruit

The practice of coating fruit in sugar syrup dates back to ancient times. Honey and sugar were used as preserving agents and food historians generally agree that Toffee Apples probably date to the late 19th century.

Both toffee and caramel have been traced to the early decades of the 18th century.

In General, Toffee Apples are whole apples covered in a hard sugar candy coating. While the topping varies from place to place, it is always served with a stick of sorts in the middle making them easier to eat.

The most common "candy" is a hard coating of cooled sugar syrup, tinted red. The sugar syrup is heated to the "hard crack" stage before coating the apple to make a hard coating when the syrup cools.

Toffee is known to be one of life’s guilty pleasures, combine it with an apple and instantly you have an appealing and delicious treat for all to enjoy.